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Kim Jong-un wished Abbas “much health ‎and happiness”‎

Headline: “The North Korean president ‎congratulates the [PA] president for the ‎new year”‎

‎“President of the Democratic People’s ‎Republic of Korea, Chairman of the ‎Workers’ Party of Korea, Chairman of the ‎State Affairs Commission, and Supreme ‎Commander of the Armed Forces Kim ‎Jong-un congratulated [PA] President ‎Mahmoud Abbas yesterday [Jan. 5, 2021] ‎for the new year, 2021.‎
In the congratulatory telegram, the Korean ‎president wished His Honor the president ‎much health and happiness, and success ‎in his struggle and the struggle of the ‎Palestinian people to establish its ‎independent state in the new year.”‎