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PA lies about PMW’s reports on PA schoolbooks

PA Minister of Education Marwan Awratani: “Since ‎Palestine developed the first national curriculum at ‎the beginning of this [21st] century, immediately after ‎a few months the [Israeli] incitement campaign ‎against the first national curriculum began (i.e., ‎PMW’s reports on PA schoolbooks). The reason is ‎clear; the word ‘Palestine,’ the word ‘Jerusalem,’ the ‎words ‘Jaffa’ (i.e., an Israeli city), ‘refugees,’ the [PA] ‎map (i.e., that presents all of Israel together with the ‎PA areas as “Palestine”), ‘the olives’ – all of these ‎are words that the Israeli occupation does not like. ‎And the occupation mobilized all its capabilities – ‎pressure, support, the media, and the like – in order ‎to influence public opinion in various states and ‎urge them to take a position against Palestine’s ‎curricula. Of course this process continued and ‎received significant and great momentum after the ‎second national curriculum of 2015-2016 until ‎today… The central issue is that which is connected ‎to the Palestinian narrative. This narrative is ‎everything for us… What is being requested is the ‎erasing of the Palestinian narrative: There are no ‎olives, no history, nothing.”‎

PMW note: PMW’s critiques of PA schoolbooks was ‎not because pf these issues, but because the ‎education promotes hate and terror and rejects ‎Israel's right to exist.  ‎

PA Minister of Education Marwan Awratani:‎ ‎“The curricula in every state in the world are a ‎clearly sovereign matter, because it is connected to ‎the DNA of the individual and the society...‎
Therefore any decision regarding the curricula, the ‎Palestinian curriculum, is a clear national and ‎sovereign decision, a purely independent ‎decision…‎
We will not negotiate over our sovereign decision in ‎exchange for any monetary support, regardless of ‎what it is. That will not happen… ‎
They (i.e., the Israelis) have no book, no map of ‎anything at all [that is Palestinian], as if we don't ‎exist.”‎

PMW note: Israeli schoolbooks divide the areas of ‎the West Bank under dispute into Areas A, B C – ‎which is their legal status.‎

‎“This is not an issue from their perspective. Even the ‎name ‘Judea and Samaria’ – there is no ‘Palestine’ ‎at all. And the names of the mountains, valleys, and ‎villages are all names that are not Palestinian and ‎not Arab, and therefore we are completely erased ‎from the map. We are also called ‘the other.’ ‘The ‎other’ has no identity or existence at all…”‎

Official PA TV program Topic of the Day, on ‎Palestinian Teachers’ Day

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