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Palestinian fake history: Palestinians are ‎decedents of Biblical Jews who converted to ‎Islam and rightful owners of the land

Headline: “Publication of the book ‘The ‎Biblical Narrative – Between Tourism, Politics, ‎and Archaeology’ by Dirgham Al-Fares”‎

‎“The book ‘The Biblical Narrative – Between ‎Tourism, Politics, and Archaeology’ by ‎Palestinian researcher Dr. Dirgham Al-Fares ‎includes studies that have criticized the ‎biblical narrative of the history of Palestine, ‎which the Zionist movement revived and ‎invested in as the historical narrative for ‎Palestine from the end of the 18th century ‎until the establishment of a foreign Jewish ‎settlement for immigrants in Palestine…‎ [Among other things the book deals with] the ‎political usage of the biblical narrative in the ‎modern age in order to establish the ‎colonialist Zionist project on the land of ‎Palestine, from an assumption that the Bible ‎is not a history book but rather a collection of ‎ancient stories whose reliability cannot be ‎confirmed by archaeology… According to this ‎outlook, the true inheritors of the Bible’s ‎stories are the current Palestinians with all ‎their religions – Samaritans, Jews, Christians, ‎and Muslims – who have converted over time ‎‎(sic., the Palestinians have no ancient history ‎prior to the modern period, whereas an ‎abundance of archaeological finds prove the ‎ancient Jewish connection to Israel). These ‎stories are not the property of the new ‎immigrants who arrived from all around the ‎world in order to establish a foreign ‎colonialist project in an Arab land and ‎remove its residents. The narrative that the ‎origin of the Jewish immigrants who arrived in ‎Palestine starting from the end of the 18th ‎century is from the Jews who were expelled ‎from it by the Romans in the year 70 CE is ‎also nothing more than an illogical myth ‎‎(‎ sic., genetic research has shown the ‎various Jewish communities share a common ‎DNA link back to Israel). This is because the ‎highest likelihood is that the Jews of Palestine ‎remained in their land and converted first to ‎Christianity and then to I slam.”‎