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PA compares ICC prosecution of Israelis with Nuremberg prosecution of Nazi leaders

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning, ‎on the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) ‎decision that it has jurisdiction to prosecute ‎Israel, despite Israel not being an ICC member.‎

PA Minister of Justice Muhammad Al-‎Shalaldeh: “The International [Criminal] Court ‎‎(ICC) has full authority for judging and ‎extradition. In other words, the Israeli settlers, ‎or the Israeli war criminals… There will be a ‎list of names that may begin- We can ‎investigate the [Israeli] prime minister… It is ‎true that Israel is not a side ‎ ‎[in the ICC]… ‎But the world has become a village. In other ‎words, there is travel, and there are states: ‎There are 123 [ICC member] states, and if any ‎citizen is wanted by the ICC and enters the ‎borders of these states, the s tate must ‎hand him over to the ICC…‎

This is a legal, humanitarian, and moral ‎message that whoever intends to commit a ‎crime… must take into account that he will be ‎extradited and will not escape punishment…‎

The ICC will act according to a legal plan, ‎according to the legal measures for extradition ‎and prosecution, and there were experiences ‎with this after World War II: the court in ‎Nuremberg and in Tokyo for prosecuting ‎and punishing the Nazis – courts were ‎established, as was the co urt of former ‎Yugoslavia according to the [UN] Security ‎Council’s decision, and they prosecuted ‎‎[former Yugoslavia President] Slobodan ‎Milošević…‎

The important thing is to begin the process… ‎When you say: This man is wanted for war ‎crimes, or crimes against humanity, I think ‎that this is an initial message to reduce these ‎crimes.”‎