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PA: “Legitimate resistance to the ‎occupation is not terror, but rather ‎a right.”‎

Headline: “The [PA] Ministry of ‎Information calls on the management ‎of Facebook to honor freedom of ‎opinion”‎

‎“The [PA] Ministry of Information said ‎that it has been monitoring for a ‎while what the management of ‎Facebook is doing, and the ‎operations it conducts to block ‎accounts of Palestinian activists and ‎pages of Palestinian institutions and ‎news websites. [The ministry noted] ‎that this is a phenomenon that has ‎been exacerbated by the agreement ‎between the company and the ‎occupation authorities, under the ‎pretext of supervision of the ‎Palestinian content in the virtual ‎world!‎

The ministry… emphasized that the ‎attempt to silence the free Palestinian ‎voice and to blame it for what is ‎called ‘incitement’ is completely ‎baseless and sins against reality, as ‎the administration of the company ‎and the global interactive platform ‎can monitor for an hour the postings ‎of the supporters of extremism in ‎Israel – who call to kill our people and ‎praise those who murder and burn ‎our children – in order to reevaluate ‎its unbalanced policy. This is ‎because the legitimate resistance to ‎the occupation is not terror, but rather ‎a right that all conventions on human ‎rights have recognized and ‎guaranteed.‎

It called on the administration of the ‎website not to harm the freedom of ‎expression and publication, and not ‎to ignore the racist and inciteful ‎contents being posted by the ‎extremists in the occupation state, ‎who use this platform as a starting ‎point for murder, carnage, and ‎aggression.‎

The ministry again emphasized that ‎the freedom of opinion and ‎expression is guaranteed in the ‎Universal Declaration of Human ‎Rights, and that it is not a favor from ‎anyone or a gift from a search engine ‎or interactive platform.”‎

PA leaders and officials have ‎legitimized Palestinian violence by ‎quoting UN resolution 3236 which ‎‎"recognizes the right of the ‎Palestinian people to regain its rights ‎by all means." The PA interprets "all ‎means" as including violence against ‎civilians, but has chosen to ignore the ‎continuation of the resolution which ‎states that the use of "all means" ‎should be "in accordance with the ‎purposes and principles of the Charter ‎of the United Nations..." The UN ‎Charter prohibits targeting civilians, ‎even in war. Chapter 1, Article 1, ‎opens by saying that "international ‎disputes" should be resolved "by ‎peaceful means."‎

Cartoon published in the official PA ‎daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida

The cartoon shows an Israeli ‎politician - recognizable as such ‎because the figure used to depict him ‎is a figure regularly used by the ‎cartoonist to depict Israelis - using ‎Facebook, in the image of a dog, to ‎sniff something out. This cartoon ‎refers directly to the PA Ministry of ‎Information’s statement regarding ‎freedom of expression on Facebook ‎that was published in the same issue ‎of the official PA daily.‎