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Girl recites poem: “I’m heading off to ‎war… God is on our side… We will ‎die for Palestine”

Official PA TV program The Best ‎Home, a Palestinian girl recites a ‎poem, Forever Palestine, in English

Palestinian girl: “Mother, don’t cry for ‎me, I’m heading off to war
God almighty is my armor and sword
Palestine forever, Palestine
Children being killed for throwing ‎stones in the sky
They say to their parents don’t worry, ‎God is on our side
Palestine forever, Palestine
Mother, don’t worry, when they come ‎for us at the night (sic.), ‎
Surely they will be sorry when God ‎puts them right…‎
Children of Palestine are fighting for ‎their lives
They say to their parents we will fight ‎for what is right
They say to their parents we will fight ‎for Palestine
They say we will die for Palestine
Palestine forever, Palestine”‎