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Libel: Israel to destroy Jerusalem’s Christian and Muslim holy sites, “Al-Aqsa in danger of being bombed”

Official PA TV Israeli affairs"expert” Nawaf Al-Zaru: Since the start of the occupation they have been working to empty the holy city of the Christian Arab presence, limiting the Christian holy sites, and even pushing the Jewish terrorist settlers to burn-”

Official PA TV host: “The monasteries and churches.”

Nawaf Al-Zaru: “The monasteries and churches and all the holy sites, in order to cause those Christian Arabs who remain in the holy city to leave it, to emigrate, so that nothing will remain of the Christian religious symbols. This is very important for them in their plan to empty the holy city, so that they can claim that this city is a Jewish city with no Christians and no Islamic holy sites. The Islamic holy sites are also in danger of being destroyed. The Al-Aqsa Mosque is in danger of being bombed and destroyed. This is a true and serious Zionist threat.”

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