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Fatah is "leading the national battle of liberation” - with kids bearing rifles and man firing RPG

Text on screen: “The Fatah Movement is leading the national battle of liberation because the battle of the national project is only led by its owners
Because Fatah is the endless wellspring of the revolution”

Armed men marching, a child with a rifle, and a man firing an RPG.

Text on screen: “Because the Fatah leaders were the first self-sacrificing fighters of this revolution”

Armed masked men.

Text on screen: “His Honor, our President Abbas is leading the battle of liberation in all ways, armed with citizens whom the occupation’s power is not dissuading from standing firm and immortalizing our identity on our Palestinian lands, and we will stand firm and resist until the end, because we have the right, and the right is not lost as long as its owners stand behind it”

Palestinians throwing rocks are seen.

Text on screen: “The Commission of Information and Culture – Southern Branches”

Posted text on Facebook page: “Fatah – the endless wellspring of the revolution
[Fatah] Commission of Information and Culture”

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