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Fatah lauds murder of 3 Israeli civilians as “heroic operation”

Text on screen: “On March 7, 1988, a self-sacrificing squad belonging to Fatah carried out the Dimona operation (i.e., murder of 3), in which an Israeli bus was hijacked  while it was transporting laborers and workers to the Israeli nuclear center. The self-sacrificing fighters demanded the release of the Palestinians whom Israel had arrested during the [first] Intifada, but the occupation forces attempted to attack the bus and the self-sacrificing fighters died as Martyrs and killed three Israeli officers and a woman (sic.).”

Posted text on Facebook page: “Today, March 7 [2021], is the 33rd anniversary of the heroic operation (i.e., terror attack) in Dimona that led to the death of three Israeli officers and a female settler (sic.). This followed precise planning and preparation by the Fatah Movement and the leadership of the Palestinian revolution.
The [Fatah] Commission of Information and Culture”

Mothers’ Bus attack

The first Intifada

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