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Female terrorist murderer joins teachers, journalists, and politicians as Palestinian role model on International Women’s Day

Official PA TV narrator: “Palestinian women in the State of Palestine constitute 49% of the population, in other words half of the society in the full sense of the words resolve, partnership, and equality… They are the ones defending the dream and the spark of the revolution and struggle. They have also been participating in the crucial self-sacrificing operations in the history of the Palestinian revolution, and likewise more than 15,000 female Palestinian prisoners have entered the occupation’s prisons, alongside the male fighters and self-sacrificing fighters. The Palestinian women are continuing their path, as they are the wives of the Martyrs, prisoners, leaders, and fighters... They are bursting forth nobly from the leading positions, and thus defying the difficulties, overcoming the obstacles, and recording achievements. They are fighting for the sake of humanity… They have even won a $1 million prize as the best teacher and educator in the world.  They have drawn the world’s attention as an awe-inspiring human model and a tremendous vision of providing services... These are the Palestinian women, defeating the occupation… The Palestinian women are courageously and nobly standing on the stage of [human] rights and defending the rights.”

Text on logo in English and Arabic: “March 8
International Women’s Day”


Amal Hamad, Minister of Women's Affairs

Ahed Tamimi, activist
Dalal Mughrabi, terrorist, led murder of 37
Israeli bus destroyed in terror attack

Khalida Jarrar, PA Parliament Member
Intisar Al-Wazir, widow of arch-terrorist Abu Jihad, Chairwoman of PLO institution
Abu Jihad, arch-terrorist who planned murder of 125
Laila Ghannam, PA District Governor

Mai Al-Kaila, PA Minister of Health

Hanan Al-Hroub, teacher

Christine Rinawi, PA TV reporter

Rashida Tlaib, US Representative.

Ahed Tamimi

Dalal Mughrabi

Khalida Jarrar

Abu Jihad

Hanan and Omar Al-Hroub

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