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PA daily: Arabs of Israel live in "the Palestinian homeland occupied in '48"

The official PA daily interviewed an Israeli-Arab commentator about Israeli-Arab football players who play on the Israeli national team. The PA daily referred to the Arabs of Israel as living not in Israel but in "the Palestinian homeland occupied in ’48."
“[Israeli] Arab sports personalities express their pride and refuse to wave the Israeli flag”
     “Day after day, the Palestinian Arab population in the Palestinian homeland occupied in ’48 [i.e., Israeli Arabs in Israel] express their rootedness and their pure Arab affiliation, despite the attempts [by Israel] to carry out Israelization and Judaization, which have been going on at full steam since the catastrophe (Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel) which befell the Palestinian people and their dispersion throughout the world [since 1948]...
Prominent [Israeli Arab] political editor… Zuhair Andreus said: ‘…I say, if the Israeli football team were to reach the finals of the World Cup tomorrow, I would not wave the flag of the Hebrew state, because I feel no identification with this flag and with the Israeli anthem. … The presence of Arab players on the [Israeli national] team does not serve the [Palestinian] cause, and perhaps even weakens it, since the Zionist propaganda machine may well make use of these players to try and sell its false democracy to world public opinion.' Andreus continued: 'The adorning of Arab villages, cities and towns inthe Interior (shortened form of “Interior of Palestine,” euphemism for Israel) with the flags of the countries participating in the World Cup, and the fact that this group [of Arab Israelis] absolutely refuses to wave the Israeli flag at all the events, cannot be considered [merely] a symbolic act. If this behavior shows anything, it shows that the Palestinians in Israel – who, by the way, are the original owners of the land – are trying, through the media, to express their sense of alienation and non-belonging to the Hebrew state.' …
Andreus said: 'The holding of the first World Cup on the black continent, in South Africa, the country that suffered from the policy of racial segregation, Apartheid, is an excellent opportunity to combine politics with sport. It is a good opportunity to direct a message to the Israelis that the continued policy of racial discrimination against the Palestinians in the interior... will bring about the turning of Israel into a state for everyone racist and [politically] extreme.’”

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