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“Pull along the cannon, self-sacrificing fighter… I will carve my path with my blood”

Official Palestinian Authority TV  |

Official PA TV program The Tune of the Homeland

Official PA TV narrator: “Because songs are a basic part of our culture and they express our national identity… and because these songs are present in our consciousness and still fascinate us with values and meanings… It’s here: ‘The Tune of the Homeland.’”

Lyrics: “Pull along the cannon, self-sacrificing fighter
Do not wait for the vehicle [to pull it]
The Zionists have brought more than 100 planes against us
We are your people, Palestine, by Allah
We do not fear attacks
Pull the Dushka [machine gun], comrade
I will carve my path with my blood”

Official PA TV narrator: “Who is the composer of the song “Pull along the cannon, self-sacrificing fighter”?

[Official PA TV, The Tune of the Homeland, March 19, 20 (twice), 21, 23 2021]

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