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Fatah demands Israel let terrorist prisoners run and vote in PA elections, “impossible” to form government without Hamas

Fatah Central Committee member and Head of Civil Affairs in the PA Hussein Al-Sheikh: Israel has no right to refuse to hold internal Palestinian elections [in Jerusalem]…

Al-Alam radio host: “You have asked Israel to let the prisoners vote. Is there progress on the issue?”

Hussein Al-Sheikh: “We have not received any response from the Israeli side, and we are still insisting on our request. These are Palestinian citizens who are in the Israeli occupation’s prisons by force, and it is their right to realize their civic duty – to vote and to submit their candidacy in the elections.”

Host: “Answer just “possible” or “impossible”: Cancelling the elections?”

Hussein Al-Sheikh: “Impossible!” …

Host: “Reconciliation with [former Fatah member Muhammad] Dahlan?”

Hussein Al-Sheikh: “Impossible.”

Host: “Forming a government without Hamas?”

Hussein Al-Sheikh: “Impossible.”

Host: “Expelling other members of the Fatah Movement who are liable to form [independent election] lists or join other lists?”

Hussein Al-Sheikh: “Everyone who leaves Fatah is out – possible.”

Host: “Marwan Barghouti (i.e., terrorist murderer) dealing with an identical fate to that of Nasser Al-Qidwa (i.e., expelled from Fatah) in the presidential elections?”

Hussein Al-Sheikh: “Completely impossible, because I trust my brother Marwan.”

Marwan Barghouti

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