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Fatah official proud of "military activity," rejects educating youth to non-violence

Dr. Ziyad Abu Ein, member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council and Deputy Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs, criticizes [Islamic] Liberation Movement for its perceived non-violent stance:
“When we distance them [Palestinian youth] from the operations of the struggle and from participating in fighting activity, or the Jihad, or the struggle against the Israeli occupation, and we say to them, ‘Wait for the promise, the dream, that the Caliphate state will arrive, or that the Arab armies will liberate [Palestine].' And [if we say to youth:] ‘Your participation in the [violent] struggle is an illusion, a waste of time, a waste of efforts and a waste of blood and a waste of life.’ If the Palestinian people does not [violently] resist the occupation, why should it be on the political map?’”

Dr. Maher Al-Jabari, member of the Public Relations Bureau of the [Islamic] Party of Liberation in Palestine:
 “I wish, Mr. Ziyad, that Fatah forces would go out to Jihad operations and military operations; from our side they will be met not with opposition but with support and praise...”
Abu Ein: “As [representative of] the Fatah movement, I am proud of the experience of the struggle; I am proud of the military activity and of the struggle, and I am proud that I still bear the flag of Palestine and the liberation of Palestine.”