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PA libel: Israel spreads AIDS and drugs

“Senior members of the security services and the health ministry agreed unanimously yesterday about the need to fight drugs in Palestinian society as well as [sexually] transmitted diseases that are caused by their use, such as AIDS.
During their participation in an Interior Ministry seminar in Ramallah called ‘The role of security services in fighting the HIV epidemic among drug addicts in rehabilitation centers,’ organized by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), experts emphasized that the phenomenon has a political aspect, related to the Israeli occupation’s support for the spread of this plague, especially in the Jerusalem region, as well as health, economic, and social aspects. Abd Al-Jabbar Burqan, head of the Anti-Drug General Authority… added: ‘This plague is a political problem which is nurtured by Israel.’”

Note: The libel that Israel spreads AIDS and drugs has been prevalent in the PA for years, and was expressed in June at a UN-organized event to fight drugs among Palestinians held in Ramallah. The PA media did not mention whether the UN representative responded to these libels.

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