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Released Palestinian prisoner says prisoners "lack nothing" in Israeli prisons

An interview from PA TV with a former Palestinian prisoner on the very day he was released contradicts the PA libels claiming torture:

PA TV host:
“What can you tell us about the younger people? Just today you were released from Megiddo prison.”
Released prisoner: “The situation of the younger people in Megiddo is good. They lack nothing. Their situation is good.”
Host: “How can it be that they lack nothing?”
Prisoner: “They lack nothing. Their situation is really fine, good.”
Host: “They lack nothing? Not even freedom?”
Prisoner: “No. Freedom – yes. Allah willing, there will be freedom.”
Host: “How long were you in prison?”
Prisoner: “Two years.”
Host: “And you say that they lack nothing?”
Prisoner: “I don’t know.”

Note: The Red Cross visits Palestinian prisoners regularly and has neither documented nor accused Israel of any of these recurring PA accusations.

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