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PA TV quiz erases Israel: Haifa, Nazareth are Palestinian, "Palestine" is 27,000 sq. km

TV host: "[True or false:] The Palestinian coast is 335 km long.
Palestine Polytechnic team – your answer was correct.
The answer is 'false.' It's 235 km."

Note: 235 km. is the distance from the southernmost point of the Gaza Strip to Israel's northernmost point, and includes all of Israel’s coast as part of “Palestine.”

TV Host: "[True or false:] The Palestinian city known as "the Chamomile of Palestine" is Haifa. The answer is 'false.' [Correct answer is] Nazareth."

Note: Both Haifa and Nazareth are Israeli cities.

TV Host: "Here is a simple question.
The area of Palestine is:
1. 27,000
2. 51,000 sq. km.
3. 81,000 sq. km."
Student: "The answer is 27,000 sq. km." 
TV Host: "Of course, we should all know the area of Palestine. 27,000 sq. km. That is the correct answer."

Note: The combined area of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip is 6,220 sq. km. Only by adding the area of Israel, excluding the Golan Heights, to that of “Palestine,” does the total reach 27,000 sq. km.

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