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Fatah spokesman says "Fatah will not restrain itself for long"

“Fatah spokesman, Osama Al-Qawasmi ... said that the situation in the occupied territories is in danger of exploding as a result of the Israeli settlement policy, which is gathering speed. He emphasized that Fatah will not restrain itself for long concerning these provocative steps... He emphasized that the Palestinian people, having remained resolute in the face of all international plots against the composition of its national identity and against its presence upon its land, will not submit to and accept the policy of dictates and establishing facts on the ground, which Israel is trying to enforce... Al-Qawasmi emphasized that the Fatah movement will not stand by idly in the face of these Israeli provocations and threats [the continued building in East Jerusalem]. He warned that the situation is no longer tolerable, owing to the Israeli policy which is targeting the land, the people, and the places that are holy to Islam and to Christianity.”