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Abbas sends condolences to family of Hezbollah spiritual leader

"President Mahmoud Abbas yesterday sent a condolence telegram to the President of the Republic of Lebanon, Michel Suleiman, and to the Fadlallah family, on the death of the religious scholar Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah.
The President wrote in the telegram: 'As we convey to you, on behalf of our [Palestinian] people and on my personal behalf, sincere feelings of participating in your sorrow and condolences from your brothers, we ask of Allah, Who alone has the power and the ability, to cover your dearly deceased with His mercy and that he should rest in Paradise, and that He should fill your hearts with patience and comfort, your government, your people - who are brothers to us - and to his [Fadlallah's] family.'"

Note: Fadlallah was on the U.S. list of wanted terrorists and one of his final acts included authorizing a fatwa (Islamic religious ruling) sanctioning suicide attacks on U.S. troops and Israel. In addition Al-Jazeera reported: "The CIA accused Fadlallah of responsibility for the bombing that destroyed the Marines' barracks near the Beirut airport in 1983, in which hundreds of U.S. soldiers were killed."

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