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PA TV refers to Israel's coast near Haifa as "the Palestinian coast"

A PA TV cultural program discussing art work described a terror attack as having taken place “on the Palestinian coast.” In fact, a bus was hijacked on the Israeli coast near Haifa, and driven south towards Tel Aviv:
TV Host
: “Fadwa Touqan wrote a poem and dedicated it to Dalal Mughrabi [terrorist who led the bus hijacking] and her colleagues, who died as Shahids (Martyrs) on the Palestinian coast [i.e. Israel].”
The program discusses the genre of posters, especially those of the PLO.
Artist Amer A-Shmouli: “The poster supports the continuation of the revolution and glorification and honoring of the Shahids (Martyrs).”

Note: The poster shown features several female terrorists, including Dalal Mughrabi. The inscription says: “Women fighters for the homeland,” and also “March 8th – International Women’s Day.”