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Fatah opens mourners' tent for dead terrorist leaders

"The Fatah movement in the Jenin region yesterday opened a mourners' tent for the deceased fighters... Muhammad Oudeh Daoud (Abu Daoud), member of the movement’s Revolutionary Council and Chairman of its Supervisory Committee, and the Shi'ite authority, Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah. The mourners' tent, at the [Fatah] movement's office in Jenin, was visited by the Jenin Regional Governor, Qadura Mussa; regional commander Radi Asida, [and other officials.]"

Note: Muhammad Daoud Oudeh, also known as Abu Daoud, planned the 1972 attack on Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. On Sept. 5, 1972, eight members of the Palestinian terror organization Black September broke into the athletes' village at the Munich Olympics. They kidnapped and ultimately murdered 11 Israeli athletes and coaches. Oudeh died in July 2010. His death received extensive coverage in the official PA media, and he was glorified by PA leaders as a hero and Shahid - Martyr.

Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah: He was a Hezbollah religious leader, on the U.S. list of wanted terrorists. One of his final acts included authorizing a fatwa (Islamic religious ruling) sanctioning suicide attacks on U.S. troops and Israel. When Fadlallah died in July 2010, PA leaders, including Mahmoud Abbas, and the official PA media praised and glorified him