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Palestinian TV glorifies love of death and Martyrdom

PA TV broadcast a scene from a play marking the anniversary of the deaths of three Arabs who were executed by the British in 1930 for attacking British soldiers and murdering Jews in the 1929 riots. The play shows three prisoners in the orange uniforms of those awaiting execution, gazing towards the sky a moment before they ascend the gallows. A narrator reads: 
     "Now that we are at the gateway to eternity, we offer our souls and our blood to redeem the sacred homeland, for beloved Palestine. We turn in supplication to all Palestinians – that they should not forget our dripping blood and our souls which will flutter in the heavens over this beloved land. We welcome death with complete joy and happiness. We shall place the heroes’ noose around our necks most willingly, to redeem you, Palestine."
The play also featured a song lauding the value of death:
     "They were three men who competed over death. Their feet were raised high above the hangman’s head. They became a symbol of heroism and honor for the land. [This] is the day of the three. The three, oh land, are waiting who will be the first to give his soul for you.”