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Libel: Israel severely tortures Palestinian prisoners

Headline: “Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs: The Israeli security services use torture, officially and as anchored in [its] law”
“When the prisoner reaches the interrogation room, the occupation forces use barbaric methods against him. He is tortured with the most despicable means: struck on his arms and legs, struck with plastic clubs on his body, his head and his sexual organ, and with the belts worn by the interrogators… The prisoners are subjected to burns and scorching with the butts of cigarettes, and are struck with electrical wires... If one of them happens to close his eyes, he is struck on his face or has his ear poked with a toothpick. Also, [the prisoners] are forced to undress so that they will suffer from the severe cold, in addition to being forced to remain in the rain in the winter. In the summer, they are forced to stand under the burning sun for long hours, without being permitted to drink water. And if they are brought water, it is hot water which is impossible to drink… The torture is not only physical; there is also mental torture.”
Note: The Red Cross visits Palestinian prisoners regularly and has neither documented nor accused Israel of any of these recurring PA accusations.