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PA Minister: Jews have no connection to Jerusalem other than "military occupation"

PA Minister of Culture, Mufti of Palestine, and President of Al-Quds University:
“The Al-Quds Open University in the Ramallah district yesterday celebrated the publication of the encyclopedic volume of the university’s journal, which deals with Jerusalem ...”
[Participants at the ceremony included, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Habbash - Minister of Religious Affairs; Siham Barghouti - Minister of Culture; Sheikh Muhammad Hussein - Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine; Dr. Hana Issa - senior official of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, responsible for Christian affairs; Dr. Younes Amr, President of the university, and lecturers at the university.]
“[Minister of Culture] Siham Barghouti said: ‘We at the Ministry [of Culture] and at the universities are partners in collating, studying and inscribing the true version of the history and culture of Jerusalem.’ She drew attention to the fact that the Israeli activities do not end with an attempt to harm the character of the holy city, but attempt to erase and to steal its cultural heritage. [The Mufti] Hussein stated that regardless of the occupation’s actions, Jerusalem will remain Arabic-Islamic... [President of Al-Quds University] Amr drew attention to the fact that the Jews’ connection to Jerusalem is no more than the connection of a military occupation.”