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PA TV: What Eichmann did to the Jews, Israeli MP Bennett is doing to us

Maurice Hirsch, Adv.  |

As Israel prepared last week to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day, a host on official Palestinian Authority TV claimed that Israeli Member of Parliament Naftali Bennett,  Head of the Yemina party and self-declared candidate for prime minister, is doing to the Palestinians what “Eichmann did to the Jews of Austria”:

Official PA TV host Nasser Al-Lahham: “This is what Nazism did to the Jews: They wrote to them “Get out!” Now the Jewish terrorist organizations are writing to the Arabs a “price tag,” “get out!” What Hitler did to them - they [the Jews] are doing exactly the same to the Palestinians. What Eichmann did to the Jews in Austria, they’re doing- [Israeli Parliament Member] Naftali Bennett is doing to us, exactly. They have copied the experience.”

[Official PA TV, From the Israeli Archive, April 6, 2021]

Adolf Eichmann was a high ranking officer in the Nazi SS and one of the major organizers of the genocide of over 6,000,000 of the Jews of Europe.

Bennet has held different government positions, including Minister of Education and Minister of Defense, and for the last year Bennett was a member of the opposition.

In an attempt to demonize Israel and Israelis, PA officials often equate them with the Nazis and claim that Israel or Israeli leaders are carrying out similar crimes.  

Palestinian Media Watch has documented that in this PA TV program, From the Israeli Archive, the host Nasser Al-Lahham – who is also the Editor-in-Chief of the independent Palestinian news agency Ma’an - reviews episodes of an Israeli ‎documentary series, Pillar of Fire, from 1981, interpreting – and misinterpreting - events ‎from a Palestinian perspective. Earlier this year, Al-Lahham taught PA TV viewers that the Holocaust was the price the Jews paid for their ‎evil behavior - their “conspiracies and wickedness”: ‎