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PA Libel: PA governor claims tragic traffic accident was murder

Text posted on the Facebook page of Ramallah and El-Bireh District Governor Laila Ghannam

Posted text: “During a visit of [Bawatneh’s] family – [Ramallah and El-Bireh District Governor] Dr. [Laila] Ghannam: The running over of Martyr Bawatneh is a crime that joins the list of crimes of the occupation and its settlers against our people
Ramallah and El-Bireh – Feb. 13, 2021

Today, Saturday [Feb. 13, 2021], Ramallah and El-Bireh District Governor Dr. Laila Ghannam visited the family of Martyr Bilal Shehadeh Bawatneh, who died as a Martyr after he was run over by a settler adjacent to the Ein Al-Bayda checkpoint in the northern Jordan Valley…

Dr. Ghannam said that the running over of Martyr Bawatneh is a new crime that joins the list of crimes of the settlers, which they are committing under the protection of the occupation army against our people in order to uproot them from their lands

District Governor Ghannam pointed out the repetition of the cases of people being run over – the last of which was Martyr Bawatneh, and before him young Martyr Azzam Amer in Salfit – indicate that these are organized cases whose goal is to kill our people. Ghannam held the occupation government fully responsible for all of these crimes.

Dr. Ghannam also emphasized that our people is still maintaining its commitment to the Martyrs and prisoners with resolve and struggle. And we, despite the pain, adhere to hope until we will take all our national rights, and foremost among them the establishment of an independent state whose capital is Jerusalem.”


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