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Israel is a foreign "implant" created to prevent Arab and Muslim development

Article by columnist, Fayyad Abd Al-Karim Fayyad:
“[At the end of the 19th century] the Committee of Union and Progress, which was a perfect tool of the Zionist movement and of the Freemasons, executed directly by the Dönme Jews, carried out perfectly the role given it immediately after the First Zionist Congress [1897] and the publication of the Campbell Conference recommendations: to act to permanently end the Islamic Caliphate, to crush the Ottoman state (the ‘sick man’), and to create a foreign body in the Arab region, which is Israel... At this conference, the nations of the world were divided into three categories: the First World, which is Europe, North America, and Australia, and they are the lords of the world; the second category, which is the neutral and friendly states and nations - Russia (before the Bolshevik Revolution), China, Japan and the peoples of eastern Asia; and the third group were categorized as enemies who would not be permitted progress in science, growth, development, unity, and life's pleasure. These are the Arabs and the Muslims, into whose region a foreign body had to be implanted in order to prevent them from unifying and in order not to allow them to develop. The specifications for the required [foreign] body sat well with the Zionist proposal to establish Israel upon the land of Palestine, close to the Suez Canal.”