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PA daily: Zionist movement is based on "mythology, its nonsense and its lies", Israel seeks to expel Arab residents "from their native land"

“The benefit of mythology, its nonsense and its lies, has not been lost on the theoreticians of the Zionist movement, since the earliest origins of its growth, in the second half of the 19th century. What is happening right now in Jerusalem is no more than the result of this mythology which is slanted for political purposes, and which is aimed at expelling the Arab residents - regardless of their religion, Muslims, Christians or whatever else - from their native land. For this purpose, the extremist Jewish groups recruited all their political, mythological and terrorist ability, along with fraud, deceit and deception, in order to achieve their colonialist aims...
However, these Zionists forget that their mythology has its mirror-image among members of the other religions - Muslims and Christians. In addition, they have forgotten, or have tried to forget, that which is more important than all the misleading mythologies and plots: the belonging to the homeland, the ground, the rights, the culture and the history, which cannot be undermined or defeated by any mythology or policy, no matter what ammunition of death, killing and forgery they possess.”