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PA TV shows painting of armed religious Jews with Palestinian skulls

A painting of Jews wearing prayer shawls and with rifles, sitting around a table filled with skulls, and other images demonizing Jews was shown on PA TV while the following text denying Israel’s right to exist was narrated:
 “At the beginning of the 20th century, the European colonialists – especially Britain – found that their interests fit the aspirations of the developing World Zionist Movement, and they began to offer their patronage and support, not only with promises, but with all means that would allow this racist movement [Zionism] to realize its primary goal: the establishment of a Jewish entity upon the land of Palestine, at the expense of the authentic Palestinian Arab nation… The Palestinian National Authority was established on some of the Palestinian areas, seeking to establish an independent Palestinian state on the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip, on condition that its capital would be Jerusalem. However, the oppressive Zionist enemy never missed an opportunity to shatter the Palestinian dream.”