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PA summer camps teach kids "the culture of stones and guns"

“Dr. Husam Bal’awi, coordinator of the National Committee for Summer Camps [in the Salfit region], conveyed to those present the good wishes of the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports and Chairman of the National Committee for Summer Camps, Mussa Abu Zaid, to the successful students and to the children who were participating in the summer camps… Bal’awi added that the National Committee for Summer Camps in its activity appeals to and seeks guidance in the legacy of the Shahid (Martyr), the commander, the symbol, Yasser Arafat, who died as a Shahid for the sake of this diverse culture, which unites the culture of resistance, the culture of stones and guns, the culture of knowledge and scholars, the culture of national unity, and the culture of Shahada (death for Allah) for the sake of the homeland and the nation. We follow in his footsteps.’”