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PA daily honors prisoner that says Israelis are worse than Nazis

"Occupation forces arrested [Prisoner] Basem [Al-Khandaqaji] on Nov. 2nd, 2004, following the Carmel Market operation [terror attack], in which three Israelis were killed and a little less than 50 others were injured. His father told Al-Hayat al-Jadida: ‘When Basem was arrested, we thought the detention wouldn’t last long… He was given three life sentences, and he began his new path in prison.’ When the judge asked him to say something after the sentence was passed, Basem gave a moving political and human speech. He said, ‘In the past, you [Israelis] were the number one victim… I wasn’t born then; it was the tragedy of my people that was born. You turned from victim into a monster; you didn’t use gas chambers, but rather things that were worse than them. You killed and annihilated generations from among my people …’ When the judge asked him if he was guilty, Basem answered: ‘Address that question to the Israeli leaders; concerning the massacre that they carried out against a defenseless people. You are the new Nazis upon the earth, and hopefully we will enjoy the destruction and ruin that you will bring upon your own people because of your barbarism.’"