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New libel: Israel carried out a "crime of destruction" against Palestinians

Background: Israel found some 300 fake new tombstones in an area of an old and non- functioning Muslim cemetery situated in a corner of a park in Jerusalem. Investigating, Israel discovered that the “tombstones” had been placed on the ground in an attempt to encroach on the lands of the park. This article followed Israel’s removal of the fake tombstones. 
“Sheikh Kamal Al-Khatib, Deputy Head of the Islamic Movement [northern branch] in the Palestinian Interior [euphemism for Israel] said: ‘The Israeli establishment is carrying out an attack against the Palestinian people, the living as well as the dead’… In response to the question of whether the graves which had been destroyed would be rebuilt, Sheikh Al-Khatib said: ‘Yes; under no circumstances shall we accept and agree to the crime of the destruction… Even if it was occupied in 1948, this is Palestinian-Arabic-Islamic land, and thus it will remain.”