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Palestinian moderates call to stop suicide terror “because we do not see results”

Al-Quds, Palestinian daily  |
From petition signed by PLO Commissioner of Jerusalem Hanan Ashrawi, President of Al-Quds University Sari Nusseibeh and others:
"Appeal: We the undersigned, based on our feelings of national responsibility, and because of the danger of the current situation surrounding the Palestinian people, hope from those who stand behind the military operations that target civilians in Israel that they reconsider and that they cease encouraging our youth to carry out these kinds of operations. This, because we see no results from these operations other than the reinforcement of loathing, enmity and hatred between the two peoples, the widening of the chasm between them, and the destruction of the possibility that the two peoples will live side by side in peace in two neighboring countries. We believe that these operations do not achieve progress towards the fulfillment of our project calling for freedom and independence, but rather add to the ranks of the enemies of peace on the other side, and provide excuses for the hostile government headed by Sharon to continue its relentless and aggressive war against our people, which targets our villages, our cities, our old, and our young, as well as our achievements, our hopes, and our national project. Military activity is defined as positive or negative not in and of itself, but rather by the criteria of its achievement of political goals. Therefore, it is necessary to review these activities. We do not believe that impelling in the direction of existential conflict between the two peoples in the Holy Land will produce anything but destruction and ruin for all of those living in this region, and we find in this result no logical, human or political justification."

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