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The UN will create Nuremberg-like trials to try “Israeli war criminals” as Nazis were tried, says PLO and Fatah Christian official

Secretary-General of the PLO Islamic-Christian Council for Jerusalem and the Holy Sites Hanna Issa: “If the international community is serious, the [UN] Security Council will begin to establish a special criminal court to try and punish the Israeli war criminals who committed war crimes against the Palestinian people, and [the process] will conclude with [the court] issuing its decision, as happened in the Nuremberg trials when they tried Hitler (sic.), and the like.”

The Nuremberg trials - military tribunals of Nazi war criminals for their part in the Holocaust. The trials were held in Nuremberg, Germany, by the Allied forces following World War II. The most famous of the trials was the International Military Tribunal that ran from Nov. 20, 1945 - Oct. 1, 1946, in which 24 top Nazi leaders were tried of whom 12 were sentenced to death by hanging.

Note that Hitler and Mussolini were not tried in the Nuremberg trials. Hitler committed suicide before World War II ended. Mussolini was executed in 1945 – possibly by Italian partisans - during the Italian Civil War.

Hanna Issa also serves as Fatah Revolutionary Council member.

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