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“I fired my shots, I detonated my [explosive] belt” – incitement song on PA TV

Official PA TV narrator: “Because songs are a basic part of our culture and they express our national identity… and because these songs are present in our consciousness and still fascinate us with values and meanings… It’s here: ‘The Tune of the Homeland.’”

Lyrics: “I fired my shots, I threw my bomb
I detonated, detonated, detonated my [explosive] belts...”

Narrator: “We will defend Palestine with our bodies. Our bullets will make sounds of joy to herald signs of victory in order to cut off the invading occupiers, who came from across the sea and settled in our lands… Who is the composer of the song “I fired my shots”?

Lyrics: “My brother, throw my blood on the enemy like bullets

The Tune of the Homeland is a quiz program playing highly violent pro-terror songs, which is often broadcast during the 4:00-5:00 p.m. time slot for children's programming on official PA TV.
The broadcast of songs promoting hate and violence immediately after animated children's shows should not be seen as a coincidence, but rather as part of the PA's indoctrination of children.  

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