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“There is an uprising and intifada in Jerusalem” - Fatah supports violent assaults against Jews

Text under logo: “[Fatah] Commission of Information and Culture – the Southern Districts (i.e., the Gaza Strip)”

Text on screen: “There is an uprising and intifada in Jerusalem…
Gaza also had a position and a word [on the matter]. The uprising over sovereignty over the capital has turned into a fire spreading from alley to alley, and from refugee camp to refugee camp… Calls sounded, and they were stronger than the whistling of the occupation’s bullets”

Fatah posted this video during violent Arab riots in Jerusalem. The video first shows young Arabs kicking a Jew on the ground, and later young Arabs assaulting an ultra-Orthodox Jew.

The reference to “Gaza” apparently refers to rocket salvos fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

Posted text on Fatah Facebook page: “Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine, is rising up – may the eyes of the capital cities not sleep
[Fatah] Commission of Information and Culture”

The verb “rising up” is from the same root as “intifada.”

The reference to “capital cities” is apparently a criticism of the states, and particularly the Arab states, that are not supporting the Palestinians in their riots against Israel -Ed.

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