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PM Fayyad: shooting of Israelis "contradicts Palestinian national interests"

Headline: “The National Authority condemns the shooting operation in Hebron and sees it as contrary to Palestinian interests”
     ”Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad said that the operation which took place on tonight in the Hebron area, and its timing, harm the efforts being made by the Palestine Liberation Organization to gather international support for the Palestinian position, in view of the demands for the success of the political process and its ability to end the occupation, and to achieve freedom and independence for our people. It contradicts the Palestinian national interests and strategic vision adopted by the National Authority, which combines political struggle led by the Palestine Liberation Organization at the regional and international levels, and the completion of building the institutions of the State of Palestine and infrastructure… with a strengthening of the popular, non-violent resistance to the occupation, in order to achieve the goal of ending the occupation and establishing the independent State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital, on the 1967 borders. This was said in a special statement conveyed this evening by the Prime Minister, in the wake of the operation. He said: 'We condemn this operation, which contradicts the Palestinian interests and the efforts of the Palestinian leadership to gather international support for the national rights of our people and for the protection of their interests, as well as the commitments which it has taken upon itself.’ …
He pointed out that, despite the fact that the operation took place in areas that fall outside of the responsibility of Palestinian security, the National Authority will continue to take all necessary steps to prevent the recurrence of such events, while stressing the need for Israel to accede to the demands of the Palestinian National Authority to enable it to assume authority over security in all areas.
He warned of the risk of being drawn into the spiral of violence, which experience has shown to hurt national interests, and added: 'Our people are well aware, based on real experiences, of what serves its objectives and its supreme national interests, and is therefore unified around the path of extricating itself from the occupation and its suffering, [a path] based on renunciation of violence in all its forms.’”