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PA spokesman: Hamas attack serves Israeli interests

PA TV News broadcast at 10:30pm, about 3 hours after the attack:
1. “The President [Abbas] met in Washington with the American Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, as a prelude to the launch of direct talks”
2. “Four settlers killed in an attack in Hebron, for which Hamas has claimed responsibility, and occupation forces have sealed the area and are carrying out a wave of invasions into adjacent towns”

PA TV news reader: “In response to the killing of four settlers near Hebron, an official spokesman expressed, on behalf of the Palestinian leadership, a denouncement of any operation [amaliye] which targets Palestinian or Israeli civilians. He emphasized that such operations serve only the interests of the occupation, to deflect attention from the commitments of the peace process and to continued settlement in Jerusalem and in the rest of the Palestinian territories. Four settlers were killed this evening in an incident of shooting towards their car in the vicinity of the town of Bani Na’im in the Hebron

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