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PA poll: Palestinians do not believe PA's condemnation of terror attacks to be sincere

“The results of a poll conducted recently by the [PA] General Authority for Information to ascertain the Palestinian citizen’s opinion regarding Martyrdom-seeking operations showed that 60.2% of those polled support military operations against Israeli citizens in Israeli cities, as opposed to 29.4% who object. 10.4% of those asked expressed no opinion on the matter...
Regarding opinions on Martyrdom-seeking operations, 81% object to the Palestinian Authority’s describing Martyrdom-seeking operations [Palestinian euphemism for suicide bombings] as terror operations, as opposed to 9.3% who are in favor. 9.7% expressed no opinion on the matter.
In response to the question, ‘What motivated the Palestinian Authority to describe Martyrdom-seeking operations as terror?’, poll results found that 52% of those asked believe the main reason to be ‘international pressure.’ 23.2% thought this has to do with ‘Israeli threats,’ while 14.8% thought the reason is national interest considerations. 10% of those asked noted other reasons.”