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PA: Hamas attack intended to harm PA efforts to gather international support for Palestinian position

Headline: “The leadership condemns the operation: contradicts Palestinian interests”
“President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian leadership have condemned the operation which took place in Hebron ‘from our point of departure, which condemns any operation which targets Palestinian or Israeli civilians.’ The leadership emphasizes that the aim of this operation, for which Hamas has claimed responsibility, is [intended] only to sabotage the political process, and that it is impossible to consider it a resistance operation, since Hamas itself has halted the resistance from the Gaza Strip and has persecuted those who engage in it.
For his part, Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad considered the operation which took place yesterday in the Hebron region, and its timing, as intended to harm the efforts of the PLO to gather international support for the Palestinian position, in view of the demands of the political process and its ability to bring about an end to the occupation… It thereby contradicts the Palestinian national interest and the strategic view which the National Authority has adopted, combining a political struggle led by the PLO… with a strengthening of peaceful popular resistance to the occupation, in order to bring about an end to the occupation.”