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PA says no arrests made of Hamas suspects after killings of Israelis

Headline: “[Palestinian] Authority denies detaining Hamas activists”
“The official spokesman of the security services in the West Bank denied that the Palestinian Authority has arrested any Hamas activists in connection with the latest operation in Hebron [the drive-by shooting and killing of four Israeli civilians] [the Arabic word amaliya]. This was in response to Hamas’s accusation that the PA had arrested more than 250 of its members. Spokesman [rank] Adnan Al-Demeiri said: ‘We have not arrested any members of the Hamas movement in in connection with the latest operation.’ Al-Demeiri said that Hamas’s claim was meant ‘to complement what it had done, in order to put pressure on President Mahmoud Abbas and the negotiating delegation in Washington, by claiming that the Palestinian Authority had carried out these arrests.’ He added: ‘We did not carry out any arrests related to the latest operation, and the numbers that Hamas is talking about are imaginary numbers.’ At the same time, Al-Demeiri confirmed that the security services had summoned Hamas activists [for questioning], ‘within the framework of regular summonses by the [security] services, aimed at preventing violation of the law.’”

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