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Hamas attack obstructed achievement of PA national goals

Column by Adel Abd Al-Rahman, entitled “The Pulse of Life”
Headline: “The aims of the Hamas operation [the Arabic word amaliya]”
“The purpose of the [latest] operation [amaliya] and [future] operations which Hamas and its supporters may carry out – if we are not constantly on the alert – is not related to resistance, although settlers from Kiryat Arba were killed. Hamas does not seek through [this operation] to raise the banner of resistance. In its operation, Hamas wanted to achieve several aims simultaneously…
Hamas’s latest operation [amaliya] recalls the operations of the [Izz A-Din] Al-Qassam [Martyrs’ Brigades] on the eve of every redeployment of the Israeli army prior to 2000, in other words, prior to the second Intifada [terror campaign], when they acted deliberately to sabotage every withdrawal from Palestinian territories, and rained accusations of treason on the national leadership and on the security services, with the justification that they were raising the ‘banner of resistance’. Time and events have proved that the Muslim Brotherhood movement (reference here to Hamas, -Ed.) did not and does not support the option of resistance, but rather acted in accordance with an agenda… whose aim is to pave the way to seizing control of the Palestinian Authority… The above is not a defense of the settlers… The above emphasizes the adherence to the option of agreement and non-violent struggle for the purposes of achieving the national goals without bloodshed, and emphasizes commitment to the demands of the political settlement, even though the most extreme right-wing [Israeli] government ignores them in practice.”

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