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PA paper: Hamas did Netanyahu a favor shooting Israelis

Column in official PA daily:
      Headline: “Thanks, Hamas!”
“While the eyes of the world were turned towards the White House and the leaders there, Obama talked about the four Israeli victims in Hebron, not even mentioning the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian victims of Israeli occupation and settlement. Was this one of the aims of those who ordered or made it easier, in the background, to carry out the operation in Hebron [Hamas attack killing four Israeli civilians]?
The ruling party in Israel, the Likud, was waiting for this direct support for the security policy of its chairman, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and of the settler and extremist front in the Israeli government, but it had not expected it to come so soon and in such perfect form, as a double strike [reference to the two terror attacks – near Hebron and near Ramallah] which strengthened its negotiation stance, weakened the rear ranks of the PLO, and created confusion amongst the international community, which shows understanding of our rights and the legitimacy of our demands.
Those who gave the command to the Hebron unit understand that Benjamin Netanyahu will ask the Israeli military forces and its security arms to act against the inhabitants of the Hebron region, and perhaps in other regions, without being limited by any political positions – and despite this, they struck. They know with certainty that they will draw Israeli responses, whose victims will be the Palestinian residents, while they themselves hide and rejoice over the achievement of causing the negotiations to fail, as they said in their announcement about their operation, which was directed first and foremost against the interests of the Palestinian people!
Hamas has chosen to support Netanyahu at the critical moment, and now he will harden his position concerning security demands and needs and the need to address them before anything else. He will raise this before the world, strengthened by the photographs of the operation and by the warm blood of the killed Israeli, which will not cool, following the Israeli custom! …
The operation reinforced Netanyahu’s political and media tactics and saved him from the accusation of having caused an injustice to the Palestinians, making up lies and accusing them for no reason. He will go to Washington, and in front of the Quartet and the lenses of the world press, Netanyahu will complain about the Palestinians’ injustice towards the occupation. Imagine! We are certain that while presenting a gloomy face to the photographers’ lenses in Washington, he said to himself, ‘Todah, (in Hebrew, Ed.) Hamas!’ – meaning, Thanks, Hamas.”