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Advisor to PA PM: Hamas attack was golden opportunity for Netanyahu and harmed Palestinian interests

Headline: “Al-Ghoul: “Hamas operations [i.e., terror attacks] strengthen the settlement option and sabotage our people’s interests”
     “Advisor to the Prime Minister [Salam Fayyad] on national affairs, Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, said that Hamas’s aim in its two operations [the Arabic word amaliyat] in Hebron and East Ramallah is to convey a message to the participants in the direct negotiations, emphasizing that it [Hamas] is present and that negotiations will not progress without it, because it is the ‘strong’ Palestinian party, ‘capable’ of bringing about security for Israel – and as proof of this it forbids any party from carrying out operations [amaliyat] [terror attacks] against the occupation army from within the Gaza borders, and accuses the national forces of treason - while the security services of the [Palestinian] Authority have not succeeded in preventing its [Hamas’s] sleeper cells from carrying out operations against Israelis. He also said that Hamas is strengthening the stance of the extreme right-wing [Israeli] government and of the herds of settlers by carrying out violations and other aggressive crimes against members of the Palestinian Arab nation and its legitimate leadership, and even more so by granting a golden opportunity to Netanyahu and his ilk of the extreme right-wing to renew construction in the settlements, to evade fulfilling the commitments of the present stage and easing the siege on the West Bank and Gaza, and to deceive the international community as though the Israelis are the victim of so-called Palestinian ‘terror’… The Prime Minister’s advisor called upon the leaders of Hamas, both inside [Palestine] and overseas, to unite around the Palestinian leadership, to cease carrying out military operations whose [improper] goals are obvious to all, [and instead] to act to strengthen the Palestinian stance in direct negotiations which will lead to the end of the Israeli occupation and the establishment of the independent Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital, and not to harm the national interests in favor of the Iranian mullah regime and its schemes, which are contrary to the preference and the aims of the Palestinian people.”