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PA Minister of Prisoners' Affairs honors home of convicted murderer with visit and award

Headline: “He [Minister Karake] emphasized that the cause of the prisoners is a central issue on the path to an agreement and peace – Karake joins the feast ending the [Ramadan] fast at the home of handicapped prisoner Mansour Muqada, in Salfit.”
“Issa Karake, Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs, along with a delegation from the Ministry, visited the family of prisoner Mansour Muqada in the village of Al-Zawiyeh… This took place as part of the Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs’ Ramadan program of visits to prisoners’ families in the various districts during the month of Ramadan, to show solidarity with the prisoners and to emphasize the importance of their release and the ending of their suffering. Karake said, during his meeting with the family of prisoner Mansour, that he is a ‘living Shahid (Martyr)’,and demanded his immediate release due to the deterioration of his medical condition and because he is not receiving the necessary [medical] treatment… At the end of the visit, Karake presented the ‘Loyalty to Prisoners Award’ to prisoner Muqada’s wife and family.”
Note: Mansour Muqada was convicted of murdering Dr. Mordechai Sheffer in Moshav Hagor, and was given a life sentence + 4 years.