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Quran-burning pastor is part of US conspiracy to incite hate and cover up US and Israeli crimes

Rev. Terry Jones, leader of a small church in Florida, started a campaign to burn copies of the Quran on Sept. 11th, 2010, to commemorate the 9th anniversary of the Al-Qaeda terror attack. The official PA daily used this as the launching point for another verbal attack against Israel and the US:
 “It’s not at all impossible that the American security institutions are behind the crazy, hatred-filled pastor, with the aim of leading to the continued existence, perpetuation and deepening of the contradictions between the supporters and followers of different religions, and especially between Christians and Muslims. All this is in order to cover up Israel’s crimes and the American forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, Algeria and the Arab Gulf…
The Republican right-wingers, Israel’s allies – and in particular, the supporters of religious fanaticism among the right-wing messianic Anglican groups, who purport to be Zionists – continually try to fan the flames of the differences and to incite wars, with the aim of wearing out the strength of the American people and of all nations of the world, and in particular of the Arabic and Islamic nations which are considered weak, to force upon them an ongoing act of plunder of their wealth and their natural resources, depriving them of any spark of hope to develop and to join the circle of humanity, in order to maintain the control by Israel – the racist apartheid state – over these nations, and especially over the Palestinian Arab nation.”