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Advisor to PA PM: US and Israel are allied to incite civil, religious and national wars

“Advisor on National Affairs to the Prime Minister, Minister Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, condemned the ripping of copies of the Quran and their trampling underfoot by Jewish extremists two nights ago in the middle of Jaffa Street in western Jerusalem. He said that this criminal act is the result of the dark campaign of incitement in the Israeli school curricula, and especially among religious groups and their rabbis, such as Ovadia Yosef, the spiritual father of the Shas party, and similar sowers of destruction, ruin, and strife among the adherents of the monotheistic faiths.
The Prime Minister’s advisor said: ‘This Zionist religious terror by herds of settlers comes just a few days after the American Zionist-like mercenary pastor announced his intention to burn the Quran. This proves the connection among the extremist groups among the different religions, and between the forces of the American Right among the Republican Party supporters and their allies among the herds of settlers in the Israeli apartheid, racist state, which nourishes these herds day and night for hate, racism, arrogance and the killing of Arab ‘goyim’ [non-Jews] in general, and Palestinians in particular.’
Al-Ghoul continued by saying that these provocative acts of terror – which provoke hatred among adherents of the different faiths and are carried out by hired groups serving as agents of the cartels of weapons and death throughout the world, especially in the US and in Israel - are implementing a policy of lighting the fuse of civil war, religious war, and national wars, for the benefit of their masters who are among the merchants of war and organized terror.”