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PA daily promotes libel that Israel carries out medical experiments on Palestinian prisoners

Headline: "Quiet and ongoing Israeli war being waged indiscriminately against bodies of prisoners"
"We believe that one of the main reasons for the rise in the number of sick prisoners, aside from the bad living conditions, is medical negligence and neglect, procrastination in providing treatment and performing vital operations, medical errors, and the use of prisoners' bodies for carrying out medical experiments. This [claim] is based on statements by Israeli Member of Parliament and former Chairman of the parliamentary Science Committee, Dalia Itzik, who admitted in 1997 that 1,000 medical experiments are carried out covertly each year on prisoners in the [Israeli] prisons. Also, the head of the Medications Department of the Israeli Ministry of Health, Amy Laftat, added before the Parliament at the same meeting that there is an annual increase of 15% in the number of approvals issued by the Ministry of Health for carrying out additional experiments with medications. If there were 1,000 experiments 14 years ago, with a 15% annual increase, today there is strong basis for assuming that this is still going on, also because 'Israel' has not denied it and has not announced that this has been stopped. Perhaps this explains the spread of serious, malignant illnesses among the prisoners, and the appearance of strange sicknesses. "

Note: The article begins with "we believe," yet the newspaper doesn't quote anyone in particular.
The claim attributed to MP Dalia Itzik has never been substantiated, and she has denied ever making any such statement. Click here to view her statement and PMW’s bulletin on this particular PA libel.

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