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Shooting attack against Israeli teens was “heroic” and “a natural response and a natural right,” says Fatah official

Fatah Spokesman in the Nablus District Kayed Mi’ari: “What we saw yesterday (i.e., shooting attack) is the Palestinian people’s natural right to resist, defend its resources and dignity, and come out against the occupation’s forces and its settler herds… It is the Palestinian people’s natural right to deter this [Israeli] terror and defend itself and its resources with all available means. We think that the Palestinian people is responding to the call of Jerusalem, Jerusalem which is being subjected to a brutal attack … The occupation forces disrupting the Palestinian democratic process in Jerusalem, and all the other things contributed in one way or another… to this heroic operation (i.e., shooting attack) being carried out… Israel… is attempting to harm Jerusalem with various means, and therefore this is a natural response and a natural right that the Palestinian people has realized.”

Yehuda Gueta, Benaya Peretz, and Amichai Hala – three 19-year-old Israeli students who were wounded by Palestinian terrorist Muntasir Shalabi in a drive-by shooting attack at the Tapuach Junction near Ariel in the northern West Bank on May 2, 2021. Gueta died of his wounds and Peretz was seriously wounded in the attack. Shalabi was arrested on May 5, 2021.

The claim that Israel is “disrupting the Palestinian democratic process in Jerusalem” refers to Israel's refusal to let the PA hold elections in Jerusalem.

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