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“Nablus is one of the ancient Palestinian cities” says PA, despite Palestinians having no history prior to the modern period

Official Palestinian Authority TV  |

Official PA TV program From City to City, on the city of Nablus

Official PA TV host: “Nablus, one of the ancient Palestinian cities (sic., the Palestinians have no history prior to the modern period)… It was established by the Arab Canaanites (sic., the Canaanites were not Arabs), and historians estimate its age at [being from] before 4,000 BCE. Since its establishment it has been known by its ancient Canaanite name ‘Shakim.’ The city… continued to flourish for many periods, even in the shadow of the invasions and occupations that passed over Palestine and the Al-Sham lands (i.e., “Greater Syria,” including Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and parts of Jordan) – from the Assyrian period, through the Persian period, in the period of Alexander the Great, and up to the Roman period, in which the new city was built… and the Romans called it ‘Flavia Neapolis.’ And when the Muslim Arabs took it back they called it by its current name: Nablus.”

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